In an apprenticeship you can work towards becoming an expert in your own field by progressing from the basic qualification to the specialist qualification.

The starting qualification provides the competence to work on basic tasks in the field. The apprenticeship period is usually 2–3 years.

The further qualification can be taken when there is work experience in the field of about three years. Qualifying will take 1.5 to 2 years and provide a person with the necessary competence to be able to work in the field as a professional.

Specialist qualification graduates work in demanding professional tasks. The apprenticeship period is usually 1-2 years and a degree in the field requires about five years of work experience after the basic training has been completed. Students who have taken the specialist qualification can also apply to become a Master.

Apprenticeship training may also involve further professional training simply to become familiar with new tasks. The duration of training varies from four months to a year.